Friday, March 26, 2010

The importance of authority for new blogs

With google there's no other way: they either trust you or they don't.

And the thing with trust is that it takes some (if not a lot) of time to get, and new blogs and sites struggle with trust issues. Anchor text is one good way to get query specific trust, when trying to rank for a different, even if related keyword, raw trust is the only thing that can get you out of "the sandbox".

Blogger blogs have an advantage over other platforms, as it is owned by google and possibly even has its own internal spider crawling only pages in the blogs. I think this is about right since I've had blogs that had exactly zero links from the outside world still indexed and sometimes ranking.

And if you are like me, trying to rank for made up words like daseoexperiment that have no other page ranking for it, then that's a good thing! as soon as your pages are indexed, bam!, ranking.

But then an ezinearticle comes along ranking for that same keyword.

Google trusts ezinearticles because they have tons of links from the outside, and since they also have a ton of articles, that creates many links from inside the same site. There's trust flowing from the main pages to all other little unimportant articles, and that's why people submit articles to them.

Most new blogs use services like ezinearticles, hubpages and others to channel some of that residual trust to their sites. Then there's also pagerank, that according to the published equations, once you're into the loop, you can basically create pagerank out of thin air by creating a new page on your site.

Not exactly out of thin air, but pretty close. Since I want more anchor goodness, let's leave that for another page.

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