Friday, March 26, 2010

How much authority/linkjuice/pagerank to outrank you?

This is exactly what I'm going for with this blog, just to know exactly how much authority does each page from article directories or other sites have, and just how much authority can be created from links inside your own site - my own site.

First, since I have no real authority on any subject on this blog, I'm going for some made up, obscure words that nobody ranks for, then post an article with that same keyword somewhere else and try to outrank them.

And to start on the right foot, apparently daseoexperiment has no results on google as of the time of writing, so that keyword is a good one to start experimenting with.

Keyword Layers:

  • Icing on the cake - Competitive one word keywords
  • Top Layer - Competitive two word keywords
  • 2nd layer - Competitive three word keywords
  • 3rd layer - Four word keywords, don't know if I should add competitive... are there any competitive four word keywords?
  • 4th layer - Made up words with less than ten pages indexed. <- I am are here

Coming to a serp near you.

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