Thursday, May 6, 2010

So far so good on internal links

The seo experiments for blogs link that I dropped last time seems to have gotten this thing to page 1 for that particular term, but not anywhere near to be found if you remove the blogspot word, so this time i'm dropping it with the reduced phrase to see how it affects the ranking of that page.

My guess is that partial link juice only flows if you have a certain level of authority already, and only exact match link love goes through if below that.

If I'm right, that page should be ranking for the new term in no time, catapulting me into a whole new layer: 3 term keywords (not competitive yet, but if this little blog can pull it off, so can your semi-established properties).

Update: This thing now ranks for the anchor, just as soon as the text appeared on the main page of the blog. Not that hard huh?, now let's wait until the page is indexed and the link counted to see how much higher we get.